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PureFlow Technology

PureFlow technology offers user-friendly, premium quality spirometry at affordable prices. Using Uscom’s half-duplex digital ultrasonic flow monitoring technology – PureFlow -, our innovative devices are works of art that help the daily work of physicians all around the world, as well as the daily lives of the patients suffering from lung disease.

How does it work?

The idea behind PureFlow technology

 Ultrasonic sensor technology is based on a process called time-of-flight measurement. By measuring the transit time between two ultrasonic transducers in both directions, the rate of flow can be calculated. 

The raw signals are processed by our proprietary digital circuitry, which compensates for environmental conditions and applies digital signal processing. We then further process the signal by applying smart filtering algorithms in order to cancel out incidental noise.

The resulting high quality, high fidelity flow graph is then used to precisely calculate all relevant spirometry indicator values.

Pureflow technology spirometry software offers sophisticated diagnostic decision support tools to help professional and home-care users achieve better quality and more accurate measurements.

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Why is it better?

Benefits of PureFlow technology

 Pureflow technology uses ultrasound to measure the rate of flow in a continuous, uninterrupted flow path. Unlike turbine spirometers, ultrasonic spirometry allows for a low resistance, watertight flow tube without obstructions.

Making use of Uscom’s proprietary compensation and signal processing algorithms, SpiroSonic spirometers sample the rate of flow 100 times every second, generating a smooth, highly detailed dataset. The continuous flow-time, volume-time, and flow-volume curves can be analyzed to reveal the more subtle pulmonary anomalies, while the calculated spirometry indicators give a quick insight into the patient’s pulmonary condition. Factory-calibrated, SpiroSonic devices don’t require daily calibration.

The watertight, unobstructed flow tube allows for easy disinfection: cap one end, pour the disinfectant liquid, let sit, pour out, let dry – it’s as simple as it gets. No disposable flow tubes means less cost and less waste, making SpiroSonic devices environmentally friendly.



100 Hz temporal resolution allows for precise and accurate flow measurement

Advanced signal processing

PureFlow technology compensates environmental conditions, exhaled air temperature & ultrasonic wave reflections.


Low flow resistance

Accurate monitoring for children, elderly and patients with lung problems 


Disinfectable flow path

The unobstructed, internally sealed tube design allows for more effective cleaning and disinfection.


No daily calibration

Automatic internal calibration before each measurement.


Durable design

SpiroSonic’ robust construction and no moving parts provide long-term reliability.

Discover our devices with PureFlow technology

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SpiroSonic FLO

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SpiroSonic MOBILE

Wireless spirometer

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