Touchscreen Ultrasonic Spirometer

SpiroSonic SMART

Standalone wireless ultrasonic spirometer with touchscreen.

Internal Database – SMART’s memory allows storing hundreds of patient records and thousands of measurements.


Spoken instructions – Interactive guidance for better quality measuements – available in 12 languages.

Direct printing – Connect to printers via USB and print reports directly from the device.

SpiroSonic FLO

Standalone spirometer with touchscreen for pulmonologists and general practitioners. Full-featured ultrasonic spirometry in a compact device.

Uscom PureFlow ultrasonic flow sensor

Meet SpiroSonic SMART

High-fidelity self-contained spirometer

SpiroSonic SMART is a standalone high fidelity digital ultrasonic spirometer with intuitive touchscreen controls.

SpiroSonic SMART is a powerful tool for screening COPD and monitoring asthma and other chronic pulmonary diseases.

Based on multi-path digital ultrasonic flow monitoring, SpiroSonic SMART is the result of years of research, technological development and innovation.

Integrated solution out of the box

Full-featured spirometry station on the go


Just turn it on and start measuring! No need to install additional software, no device pairing – SpiroSonic SMART is an all-in-one solution for patient management and advanced spirometry measurements.

SpiroSonic smart comes with integrated tutorials, so you can use it instantly after unboxing. It measures and evaluates over 35 parameters – rivaling complex PC based systems. The reports can be directly printed from the device by using a compatible wireless* or USB printer.

SpiroSonic SMART standalone ultrasonic spirometer
SpiroSonic SMART interactive tutorials

Less cost per measure

Interactive tutorials with multi language support

SpiroSonic SMART features voice commands guiding the patient and the operator through the measurement session. It helps to maximize successful measurements and provides instant feedback without having to look at the screen during sessions – saving you time and helping operators to achieve accurate results on the first try.

SpiroSonic SMART supports over 12 languages – this includes the intuitive user interface and the fully voiced interactive voice commands.

For young and old

Intuitive and effective

SpiroSonic SMART extremely low flow resistance makes it suitable for diagnosing children, elderly and sick patients.

SpiroReporter’s Interactive patient instructions and immediate feedback helps the patient and the practitioner to optimise the spirometry manoeuvre, leading to easier measurements and better results.

SpiroSonic SMART 1
SpiroSonic SMART 2

Less cost per measure

Automatic calibration, simple disinfection

Designed for immediate use and simple operation, SpiroSonic SMART automatically calibrates itself before each measurement.

The device consists of no moving parts and a continuous flow tube, making disinfection very effective and easy.

SpiroSonic SMART is manufactured with high quality, easy to disinfect, durable materials, no moving parts and no proprietary disposables.

SpiroSonic SMART


Memory capacity The instrument is able to store more than 4 000 patients and/or measurements.
(The exact number depends on the measurement type.)
Language support English, Simplified Chinese, Traditional Chinese, French, Spanish, Italian, German, Austrian, Czech, Korean, Hungarian, Croatian
Display Quarter VGA (320×240 pixels), 262k colors with touchscreen
Printing The instrument can print to any HP deskjet and officejet printers (via USB interface) that support the PCL3 language
Communication port/interface Connection to PC via USB or Bluetooth
USB connector type Standard 5-pin mini B type
Dimensions of the device 37x81x92 mm
Dimensions of the flow tube d30×165 mm
Weight 210 grams
Battery Internal 3,7 V Li-Ion battery (rechargeable via 5V 500 mA mini USB charger)
Electrical protection Internal battery power supply
Level of electrical protection BF
Protection against water ingress IP32
Operating and storage conditions Temperature: 10 – 40°C
Relative humidity: 5 – 95% without condensation
Dimensions of the packaging 180*110*135 mm
Weight of packaging 442 g
Flow/volume measurement system PureFlow technology
Measurement principle PureFlow ultrasonic multiple-path
Maximum volume ± 20 L
Flow range ± 14 L/s
Volume accuracy ± 2.5% or 50 mL whichever is greater
Flow accuracy ± 2.5% or 50 mL/s whichever is greater
Sample rate 100 Hz
Expiratory impedance at 14 L/s flow < 0,15 kPa/L/s


Why choose SpiroSonic SMART?

Uscom SpiroSonic SMART brings advanced ultrasonic digital spirometry in a portable, touchscreen spirometer for use in the management of pulmonary disease.  SpiroSonic SMART is specialized for the assessment of asthma, COPD, and screening for O.L.D.

No daily external calibration required – Automatic internal calibration.

Diagnostic decision support system – Automated interpretation assists you in making the best quality measurements.

Extremely low flow resistance – Uscom PureFlow spirometers are suitable for children, elderly and sick patients.

Multi-language support – SpiroSonic SMART supports 12 languages. Listen to the interactive patient instructions and use the UI on your own language.

Syncs to computer via USB & Bluetooth – Export your measurement database for further analysis and archiving.

No proprietary disposables – Less cost per patient


Interactive patient instructions – Feedback to assist the patient/doctor to optimize the spirometry maneuver.

Digital connectivity – Connect to computers and printers via Bluetooth(optional) and Wired USB connection.

External printing – Connect to printers and print reports directly from the device

Intuitive User Interface – Easy to use touchscreen controls with built-in tutorials. Control measurements on the bright touch-screen display.

No moving parts – SpiroSonic SMART is a solid-state, durable and reliable device without any moving parts.

Disinfectable – Prevents cross-contamination.


SpiroSonic SMART

Touchscreen multi-path digital ultrasonic spirometer

Package Contents

  • USB cable
  • 5V USB charger
  • Sample bacterial filter
  • Textile bag for carrying
  • Plugs for disinfection
  • Calibration Certificate
  • SpiroReporter Spirometry PC software
  • User Manual

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