Research-grade ultrasonic spirometers


The Uscom SpiroSonic Suite features user-friendly digital respiratory devices providing research quality spirometry at affordable costs. 

 Premium digital ultrasonic spirometry solutions for diagnosing COPD, Asthma and Occupational Lung Disease.

Ultrasonic Spirometers

SpiroSonic FLO

Ultrasonic spirometry partnered with SpiroReporter software for a complete PC solution.

Fully disinfectable flow tube – Less cost per patient, robust design, economical operation.

SpiroSonic FLO ultrasonic spirometer with USB
SpiroSonic AIR advanced wireless ultrasonic spirometer with wireless charging and Bluetooth Low Energy

SpiroSonic AIR

Our next generation wireless spirometer with Bluetooth 4.0 and wireless charging – Meet our first home-care spirometer!


Wireless data and wireless charging – No more fiddling with cables. Our new SpiroSonic AIR uses the latest technology and supports all modern mobile devices.

SpiroSonic MOBILE

Compact and portable wireless ultrasonic spirometer for use by pulmonologists and general practitioners. Connects to devices via Bluetooth Classic.

Wireless spirometer – Easy to use mobile spirometer for computers and mobile devices.

SpiroSonic MOBILE wireless ultrasonic spirometer
SpiroSonic SMART standalone ultrasonic spirometer with touchscreen

SpiroSonic SMART

Self-contained spirometer with touchscreen for pulmonologists & general practitioners. Full-featured spirometry in a compact device.

Standalone spirometer – Measure, evaluate, store and print wirelessly – everything you need in a compact spirometer.

Ultrasonic Sensors


Innovative multi-path digital ultrasonic ventilator calibration solution with touchscreen and self-contained operation.

The new standard in ventilator calibration – The integrated touch-screen and high capacity Lithium-ion battery allows for standalone operation, while the VENTITEST-S PC software provides additional features.

SpiroSonic VENTITEST ultrasonic ventilator tester