Research-grade ultrasonic spirometers

R&D Services

We offer our experience to our partners by providing contract development and consultancy services. We also provide assistance in integrating our devices to 3rd party solutions.

 High-quality digital ultrasonic spirometry solutions for diagnosing COPD, Asthma and Occupational Lung Disease.

Tools for integrating our device

Spirometry API Integration 

We can help you integrate our devices to your application. With our integration packages you can easily manage our devices. Every data and parameter will be available for you so you can read real-time measurement data and analyze the curves. We provide API libraries for integrating our devices on Android, iOS, Windows (JAVA, .NET, C++) and macOS. With our Bluetooth library you can even use our devices wirelessly!

R&D Services 1

Custom spirometer & Flow sensor development

Contract Development

Our highly skilled engineer and developer team with long years of experience can provide custom solutions to your problems. Whether it is software, hardware development or mechanical design, we can help you solve your problems and reduce your products’ time to market. You name it, we make it!

Custom embedded systems

We try to cover all of the spirometry field but sometimes you need a custom embedded solution. Our embedded hardware and software engineers can help your product come alive. Contact us if you would like to use our service. Together we can work out the details and give you an estimation of the development time. We cover everything from hardware to software development and you can be sure that we will test your customized product thoroughly.

Software development services

Solve your problems with our developer team so we can make your ideas come true. We will listen to your ideas and remarks because our most important goal is to make you fully satisfied. With our full range of services we can make web, mobile and desktop applications using the most recent technologies. Our service includes tech support as well to answer all of your questions. From start to finish, we’ve got you covered!

Custom spirometer development

We offer full flow meter & spirometer industrial design services. We can design, develop prototype and manufacture new devices based on your specification. Leveraging our proprietary PureFlow sensor technology and our flexible and experienced team makes sure that your ideas come to life at a timely manner.

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OEM spirometer manufacturing

Uscom has several plans for OEM solutions with spirometer customization settings. If you have a fully developed plan, we make sure to fulfill your demand. Do not worry, we can help you even if you are uncertain about your ideas. Our services include device, package and software customization.

R&D Services 2