The new standard for ventilator calibration

SpiroSonic VentiTest

Digital ultrasonic ventilator calibration solution

AccuratePureFlow digital ultrasonic technology for improved accuracy

Easy to use – Wireless operation for quick testing, USB connection to PCs for advanced features

Easy to disinfect – No moving parts, single continuous flow tube

SpiroSonic FLO

Ventilator calibration really matters. Digital ultrasonic multi-path sensors provide the most accurate calibration solution.

SpiroSonic VENTITEST ventilator tester

Meet VentiTest

Self-contained, wireless ventilator testing with touchscreen

VENTITEST is an innovative multi-path digital ultrasonic ventilator calibration solution. The integrated touch-screen and high capacity Lithium-ion battery allows for standalone operation and quick on-site testing for validation of ventilator outputs, while the VENTITEST-S (PC software) provides data logging, highly detailed data display, customizable flow, volume, pressure charts and reporting of results

Ultrasonic technology

The new standard in ventilator calibration

Digital ultrasound provides the most accurate and simple method for sensing pressure and flow, and therefore for calibrating ventilators.
Digital ultrasound has a resolution in the order of 2.5% for pressure and flow measurement, and the technology requires minimal calibration. Additionally the flow through tube of the VENTITEST has minimal flow impedance and is therefore improving efficiency and accuracy.

SpiroSonic VentiTest 6
SpiroSonic VentiTest 7

VentiTest-S pc software

PC connection for additional features

An easy-to-use software solution that provides a digital readout of ventilator outputs of flow, pressure and volume with 16 calculated cycle parameters that guide optimization of ventilator performance. Measured data can be logged into .csv format for additional analysis.

SpiroSonic VentiTest


Dimensions of the device 37x81x92 mm
Sensor Tube diameter 15/22 mm (ISO standard)
Weight 210 grams
Battery Internal 3,7 V Li-Ion battery (rechargeable via 5V 500 mA mini USB charger) – 5 hours of operation with a single charge
Display Quarter VGA (320×240 pixels), 262k colors with touchscreen
Printing The instrument can print to any HP deskjet and officejet printers (via USB interface) that support the PCL3 language
Communication port/interface Connection to PC via USB or Bluetooth
USB connector type Standard 5-pin mini B type
Electrical protection Internal battery power supply
Level of electrical protection BF
Protection against water ingress IP32
Operating and storage conditions Temperature: 10 – 40°C
Relative humidity: 5 – 95% without condensation
Dimensions of the packaging
Weight of packaging
Flow/volume measurement system PureFlow technology
Measurement principle PureFlow ultrasonic multiple-path
Maximum volume ± 20 L
Flow range ± 700 L/min
Pressure range ± 250 cmH2O
Volume accuracy ± 2.5% or 50 mL whichever is greater
Flow accuracy ± 2.5% or 2 mL/s whichever is greater
Sample rate 100 Hz
Expiratory impedance at 14 L/s flow < 0,15 kPa/L/s
Flow Instantenous flow
Peak inspiratory flow
Peak expiratory flow,
Peak inspiratory : Peak expiratory flow ratio
Volume Tidal inspiratory volume
Tidal expiratory volume
Inspiratory minute volume
Expiratory minute volume
Pressure Instantenous pressure
Minimum pressure
Peak inspiratory pressure
Peak expiratory pressure
Time Breath rate (BPM)
Inspiration time
Expiration time
Inspiration : Expiration ratio


Why choose SpiroSonic VentiTest?

VENTITEST is an innovative multi-path digital ultrasonic ventilator calibration solution. The integrated touch-screen and high capacity Lithium-ion battery allows for standalone operation, while the VENTITEST-S (PC software) provides additional features.

Low resistance digital multipath acoustic flow monitor


Bi-directional flow monitoring


High resolution piezzoresistive monolithic silicone pressure sensor


Simple, rapid and accurate ventilator testing

Standalone operation with touchscreen interface

New standards of flow accuracy ± 2.5%

Automatic calibration for pressure, temperature and humidity (optional)

No moving parts or consumables

Disinfectable – Thanks to the  continous flow tube the device is fully disinfectable to prevent cross-contamination.

USB connection to PCs for archiving and analysis


SpiroSonic VentiTest

Ventilator calibration solution

Package Contents

  • VentiTest ultrasonic ventilator tester
  • VentiTest-S PC software
  • Test Lung (1L)
  • Plastic carrying case
  • Plugs for disinfection
  • Calibration Certificate

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